Top 3 Organizing Roadblocks



church secretary1. Not knowing where to start – I mean who hasn’t looked at their desk with a million piles of papers and wanted to pass out? Kinda like a cow staring at a new gate. The task seems insurmountable.

Or sometimes you have a clean office, but your phone messages and mail are out of control. And if you could just figure out where to dive in at, you’d feel much better…not to mention be able to get more done. It’s not hopeless.

THE SOLUTION => Dice it up. Start with just one corner of the desk. Or today’s phone messages. You know how it goes… dice that elephant up baby! Start small and work your way up. And no matter how much your mind wants you to focus on how big the task is resist, resist, resist!

2. No repeatable systems – I’m gonna keep beating this drum until… well… forever. It’s one of the foundational principles of CSE. Having systems in place for repetive tasks minimized, dare I say eliminates, disorganization. It’s as simple as that.

THE SOLUTION => Make a list of things you do repetitively, whether daily, weekly or monthly… even quarterly or yearly. Once you have the list, write down what you normally do to complete the task, from beginning to end. When that’s done, go to somewhere like Office Depot or Organized A to Z and get the folders, boxes and other supplies you need to put that task on auto pilot.

3. No accountability – Having an accountability partner or group will help you tremendously. Even if it’s just someone you can bounce ideas off of. Someone to say hey, that pile on your desk is getting bigger… or hey, remember what happens everytime you go outside of your predetermined system.

THE SOLUTION => Find a co-worker, family member or friend who you can tell your goals to… a person who will check in with you at the deadlines you set and keep you accountable for the promises you’ve made to yourself.

Here’s another secret, setting a deadline pushes you to get a task done. So if you say you will have all of the papers in the corner completely sorted and filed in 2 weeks, you tell your accountability partner or group and now you have someone to be accountable to other than your self. Because unfortunately, it’s often harder for us to keep promises we make to ourselves.

Having accountability for something like organizing your office may seem weird, but it’s necessary. It’s not just about the organization, it’s about your overall success and in order to make it to the finish line, sometimes we just need a little help. An extra push to get us going.

These are a few of the principles that led me to create the Organizing Made EZ Online Training. I say all the time that I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to Church Secretaries and it’s totally true. I know that Church Secretaries (like you) are frustrated with too many voices in their head, no clear direction and traveling in circles.

I am really excited about doing this level of training!! I’m keeping it simple and easily digestable. Have YOU ever felt like ‘if I just had a plan…’ — if I just had a guide…. if I just had a MAP, I could do this??

I’d love to help YOU in my Organizing Made EZ Online Training classroom— there are still spots!

This is the most unique type of training I’ve ever done !

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What are some other roadblocks do you find keeping you from being better organized? Share them in the comments section below.

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