Church Secretary Duties and Job Description


Understanding the Church Secretary Duties, Responsibilities & Job Description

The videos below will give you some details and better insight into your church secretary duties and responsibilities. The church secretary today has way more duties than in times past. From writer to event planner to newsletter designer and publisher, the list of duties for a church secretary are endless.

Underneath the videos, you’ll also find a sample church secretary job description which can help you if you are hiring a church secretary and need to know what to require, or if you are a new church secretary and need to know what can be expected of you.

Understanding Your Role Part 1a Understanding Your Role Part 1b
Understanding Your Role Part 2a Understanding Your Role Part 2b
Understanding Your Role Part 2c

Sample Church Secretary Job Description

TITLE: Church Secretary/Executive Assistant/Administrative

HOURS: Monday – Friday (Salaried – 40 hours per week)
Weekend hours may also be required depending on church
programs & events


  • Must be a member in good standing
  • College graduate or equivalent work-related experience
  • Minimum of five years experience as an executive secretary
  • Minimum typing – 85 WPM with accuracy and transcribing
  • Strong computer skills are imperative (MS Windows, Word,
    Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Proficiency in the use of standard of office tools: typewriter,
    copy machine, etc.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Have excellent command of English composition and


Primary function is to oversee all activities of the main church
office as well as providing supervisory oversight to support staff
including Secretaries, Receptionists and other clerical staff. This
person would report directly to the Senior Pastor / Executive
Director / Department Manager


  1. Maintenance and organization of reception area.
  2. Ordering and maintenance of office supplies and
  3. Organization and maintenance of church calendar (and
    pastor/director/manager calendar).
  4. Pick up, distribution and dissemination of all mail and
  5. Screening and routing all incoming calls.
  6. Answer mail – correspondence (writing letters), phone
    calls, etc.
  7. Check email and respond.
  8. Coordinate scheduling for weddings and baptisms.
  9. Type, print, and fold weekly bulletins.
  10. Keep accurate membership records (new members,
    baptisms, weddings, deaths, etc.).
  11. Process baby dedication requests and prepare baby
    dedication certificates.
  12. Prepare Annual Reports.
  13. Schedule and attend board meetings and record minutes.
  14. Routine filing of paperwork.
  15. Prepare new members information packets and coordinate
  16. Coordinate travel arrangements for speaking engagements
  17. Setup up counseling meetings and other appointments.
  18. Coordinate employee meetings, lunches, etc.
  19. Notify all Pastoral Staff of member hospitalizations, deaths,
  20. Prepare, proof, print, and disburse weekly bulletins.
  21. Route incoming faxes to appropriate staff.
  22. Maintain and up-date all standard forms and ministry
  23. Maintain petty cash with accurate records and receipts.

The following items can be used if there is no accounting
manager or business administrator:

  1. Process weekly payroll.
  2. Make sure quarterly payroll reports are completed and
  3. Pay all incoming invoices.
  4. Some accounting and bookkeeping.
  5. Prepare and maintain an Office Procedures & Reference


  • Should always exhibit professionalism, demonstrated by wellgroomed
    appearance, conscientious work ethic, teachability
    and accountability.

  • Should be willing and able to work at a fast pace within a
    variety of settings and circumstances, with composure and

  • Should be willing to work evenings and weekends

  • Should be willing to travel occasionally as the need arises.
  • Should be ever conscious of the need for confidentiality.
  • Should always exercise discernment and wise judgment.
  • Should be a person who gives extreme attention to details
    with an eye for excellence.

  • Should have a non-lackadaisical attitude with the willingness
    to seek new information, training, and resources as needed.

  • Should be a self-starter, good at multi-tasking and
    prioritizing projects.

  • Should possess strong administrative skills and the ability to
    work independently without supervision.

Of course this is not an all encompassing list of duties. It is
just a guide to help you get a good understanding of the types
of tasks you should be doing each day.

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  • geneva says:

    i have a question: this is all new to me, and i was appointed to be the secretary of the church.
    so this is new to me. i love the lord dearly and i want to be the best that i can be for the church.
    we are a small church just starting out 3months ago. i need to know what my duties to help bulid God’s kindom. Another question i have who keep the money from the titus and offering me are the pastor?

    • Tamala says:

      Hi Geneva,

      Congratulations on your new position. It will definitely be one of adverture and hopefully quite rewarding for you. :) Regarding your duties, the sample job description above has several that could fall within your responsibilities… Also, it kind of depends on what your pastor actually needs from you… what he/she may want to handle him/herself, etc. Also if it’s just you and your pastor and no other staff members, you “could” be the one to “handle” the tithes and offerings, however I would suggest establishing checks and balances with yoru pastor so that you have very thorough records. Also, establishing a system for everything so that when you do add staff members, you can hand the process over easily if needed.

      • Anon says:

        Hi! I’ve been working as an administrator for 11 years in my church now and i have basically done ‘everything’ on this list :) You covered it quite well. A lot of it i learnt as i went.

        @Geneva I pray that your new job is a huge blessing to you as you will be to it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Regarding the Tithes & Offerings, if you have to handle it then make sure you request to do it with someone. For accountability and covering. Mistakes happen so it’s always good to have someone else there. Two are better than one 😀

  • Stella says:

    We initiated a youth ministry four years ago and i was just appointed as the secretary this year and to be frank i dont know some of the responsibilities and some expectations of a secretary. I just know one : the picking up of calls so i want to know more. I love doing the work of the Lord and I wanna know more about this so that I can do it well and bring out the best for the betterment of the ministry

  • Dee says:

    We are restructuring our church and as the Pastor’s wife I am getting together the job description’s . Do you have any suggestions for a personal assistant to the pastor and frist lady.

  • odey Gowdwin says:

    New leaders have just been elected in our church and i am opportuned to be the church’s general secretary. I have had no experience of being what i just need now are essential tips of becoming a good secretary.

    • tamalahuntley says:

      Hi Odey :)

      Well, you are in the right place! There is much on this site that can help you. Thanks for “stopping by” :)

  • Margie Kanyama says:

    I want to know what exactly the General Secretary does in the church.

    • tamalahuntley says:

      Hi Margie,

      Every church is different. I did things at my church that were totally not a part of the “typical” job description for a church secretary.

      The info here gives you a very good idea of the basics across the board but the *exact* duties would be depending on your church and what your Pastor needs from you.


  • Onna says:

    I recently became the church secretary of a small church. I work a full time job and this is taking up all my time …I am not paid and not worried about that because we are just starting out. How can I perform both jobs efficiently. One thing no one is at the church full time….he wants me to have the calls forwarded to my personal phone is that correct? What should I do?

    • Mary says:

      I am a full-time (30 hours/wk) administrative assistant. I don’t route calls to my cell phone, but I do have it posted on our church door, and listed on my contact information on my email signature and bulletin. People like it and it does help streamline communication, but I am always on call, and it does bug my family sometimes. If it were not a salaried position, I am not certain I would be giving my personal number out. That’s a huge ask for a volunteer position.

    • Anon says:

      I agree with Mary, the position is very demanding on one’s time, and you have another job which is your first priority as it is your main source of income. I would say to put boundaries in place and say for example you can give 3 hours (just a random figure) a week to the church secretarial work and then let people know the ‘office hours’. Otherwise people WILL call you at all hours! (Trust me :D) Also the church should then consider getting you a work cellphone if you will be expected to take calls (unless you’re working from a church office when you volunteer your time) so that you don’t have to give out your private number which leaves you open to those all hours messages and calls.

      I often have to put my boundaries in place and i am on full time staff (unless of course in an emergency). You will learn as you go and find what your capacity is and how much you can give of yourself. Don’t let guilt deceive you into taking on more than you can carry! Remember you need to look after yourself and you don’t want to burnout or start resenting your service to the church. I pray that God would grace you to what all that you need to :) Blessings!

  • Lallianmang Th. says:

    I have been selected to head the Missionary Board of our local Church, I love the Lord and wanted to be HIS uses but the thing is that I have never been a member of the governing body of the Church and this is new to me. Still I want to shoulder what have been assigned to me for the Lord.

    What could be the duties of the Chairperson of The Missionary Board of a local church and lead effectively for the Lord according to you?

  • Kyias Smith says:

    Hello, this is a heaven sent. I was recently elected church secretary as a board member’s step of Faith.I count this a true honor so I began looking for ways to serve and look at God he lead me here.

  • Yesenia says:

    Hi, I have been elected as the church secretary registered through the State of California, I want to know how I can do the church minutes.

    Thank You!

  • Joyce says:

    Hi, I just became an usher and the secretary of the usher board. My question is, what are the duties of the usher board secretary? I”m very new at all of this and wants to do a great job.

  • Pat says:

    Words to take to heart….document document document! Alot of people loves to take short cuts that they know isn’t right. In my past professional life I know the meaning what ever I have to sign off on I’m legally responsible. No one else. I encourage all of you please follow the by laws of your church and know what the state and federal laws are. A friend of mine learned the hard way when her church had a legal matter. She’s under so much stress for her not doing this. She was found negligent in her duties in court (church documents wasn’t complete or didn’t exist). These are legal documents. If you don’t know seek for answers. This website is awesome. God bless!

  • anastacia glory says:

    about a year ago i was elected as a secretary but i wasn’t taking it serious till now i really want to do something for the growth of my church pls help. i don’t know how to take minutes

  • Pat says:

    Try to have everything at hand prior to the meeting. Example sign in sheets for the members to register themselves a copy if the last minutes a current copy of your bylaws meeting agenda ballots for voting if needed and etc.
    When taking your minutes I strongly suggest it should be recorded. Due to the unfortunate circumstances I had to produce Minutes in court. I take very detailed minutes. It is my philosophy is if you don’t want it repeat it then don’t say it. For the minutes is the church records.keep it clean stay with a facts. don’t make it personal.

    always remember these are official records. If you’re able to record them then you know that you have done everything that needs to be recorded.

  • Pat says:

    When filing the official minutes I attached a copy of the recorded meeting either on usb drive or cd a signed copy of the minutes a copy of the members sign in sheet a copy and all documents that was discussed during the meeting.
    Remember to document document document!
    Hope that this helps.

  • Kunle Ajayi says:

    this is simply a wonderful resourceful site. Thanks for the platform

  • patty says:

    Please, what is the difference between the church administrator and the church secretary? If possible, could you provide me with a job description of a church administrator?

  • Honey says:

    I have just taken a position as a Church Secretary, with no knowledge in this area at all. The Church is restructuring and transitioning in a new direction. The former secretary deleted everything from her computer, so I have nothing to go by. Nor is there any folders with information concerning, church protocol. Can you please share with me some of the key tasks coming out of the gate? Thanking you in advance for all your assistance.

  • ms. leeO says:

    I would like to know is it proper for the church secretary,one who has been the church secretary for sixteen years to take the tide money out of the tide box while the pastor is preaching and sit there on the pew and count the money in a very sneaky way but does it anyway, thinking that the pastor or the members are not paying attention to what she’s doing?What should be done about this situation?

  • Robynrose says:

    I too was chosen to be secretary of a church that is becoming autonomous in the next few weeks. I however, want to know how the church chooses such a person, since I am fairly new to to church and can feel some negative vibes from some of the members of the church. Should this nomination have been done at an AGM?

  • Samuel Oluwaseyi says:

    thanks a lot this information. it is very useful for me at the time of my need for it. pls, i will like if possible, to have other duties and responsibilities of other departments in the church. I look forward for that. thanks.

  • Evelyn says:

    I have been asked to take the position of church secretary but I haven’t given an answer yet. I don’t want to step into shoes to big for me. I did similar work before I retired. This will be working for the Lord and I don’t want to fail. Any suggestions?